Stories from the hearts of those who have been touched by Nancy's music...

A Blessing Song Story
(from rocking chair prayers to prison walls)
by Barbara Nolan Andrews

May blessings be upon you precious ladies
May favor rest upon your families
May your future be, a holy legacy,
May blessings be upon you precious ladies.

May God bless you in your coming
May He bless you in your going
May Your heart be ever knowing
The Blessing of the Lord

For a season, I was involved with some artists who offered classes to women at the local jail. After a simple art lesson, there was time for the women to create their individual work. Inspirational music played softly in the background. Help was available for ones who were unsure how to hold a paintbrush. It was amazing to see wrinkled brows soften and laughter lighten the mood as colorful paints began to fill the blank whiteness of their pages. At the end of each class, we would form a circle, hand in hand, saying prayers and singing a benediction. "The Blessing Song," which was originally written for babies, became one of our favorites. I changed the words from baby to ladies and suggested that they sing their own name... and bless themselves. What a powerful experience... to sing and bless yourself! Women within prison walls singing blessings over themselves and their families. God was with us. You could sense His Presence. Little did I know, the song I sang over my babies as I rocked them to sleep would be shared with hurting women in need of God's blessing. Little did I know the sister who taught me to sing would be the author of the song.

A Personalized Blessing
by Christi Bunn

As a brand new mother in 1991, I began to pray and look for ways to infuse God's word and His love into my children's lives. I sought for books and other tools to help me do this. I soon found that music was a natural way to do this. Sometimes I would make up my own words or sing a verse of scripture to a familiar lullaby tune. My second child was born in 1993, and each night I would sit by both of my boys' beds and pray with them. Not long after this, someone gave me a cassette tape called "I Love You" filled with beautiful lullabies. It was exactly what I had been looking for to help me usher my children into the presence of the Lord as they were preparing for sleep at night. At first I just turned on the cassette player and let the music play as they fell asleep. Soon I found the music so familiar that I began to sit in their room with them and sing along with the music as they fell asleep. Often, I would insert their names into a spot in a song,

"Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
Ttwo twinkling eyes, one shiny nose,
A great big yawn and a sleepy head nod,
You are so special, you're a blessing from God.
A blessing, a blessing... you are a blessing from God.
My precious (insert their name), you are so special...
You're a blessing from God."

(from "You Are A Blessing")

I have particularly vivid memories of holding my daughter and rocking her to sleep while singing these songs to her. I had no idea who Nancy Gordon was at that time, but what a gift I received from her in those pieces of music. As God would work it out in His perfect time, I have now had the pleasure of working with Nancy through the design of this website. And, I have come to realize all over again how much I appreciate her and how thankful I am for her ministry in music. That is what it truly is, and I can say that with assurance. The evidence of this hit home just the other day as I asked my now-teenage daughter if she remembered me rocking her all those nights and singing those songs to her. Then, I began to sing snippets to remind her. She said with a broad smile, "Oh... yes, Mom, I remember those songs! Oh, I wish we could do that again!" Those precious words from a teenage daughter were most certainly music to my ears. Yes, the power of music is amazing, a true blessing. Not only are these songs beautiful, they are timeless. Lullabies will never go "out of style," and I am sure that God will bless generations to come through Nancy's music.

Sibling Blessings
by Shannon Maitre

My most favorite memories are ones of rocking my babies. These songs are a vital part of those memories. "My O, My O" was my standard. In fact, it was what my oldest son sang to his baby sister. It was as if he knew "this is what you sing to your baby." I am so grateful for the treasury of these songs. Every mother will want to sing these wonderful truths to her own little lambs.

A Blessing to Our Family
by Ben Lindquist

As parents of five children, my wife, Heather, and I have been deeply touched and impacted by Nancy's melodic ministry of blessing and prayer throughout the years. In September 1996, we welcomed our firstborn, Hannah, into this world. On many a morning and evening, Heather would soothe our sweet, young Hannah with lullabies from Bless My Little Girl. Musical gems of worship, such as "Bless My Daughter" and "Faith, Hope, Love," would fill our house and our young daughter's heart— "May her prayers be heard like Hannah's..." As the Lord blessed us with additional children, each newborn entered our lives bathed in worship—not the least of which were the rich and BenStorypeaceful lullabies which the Lord delivered through Nancy's giftings. As our children grew older, they graduated from the lullaby series of I Love You and Bless My Little Boy/Girl into the world of Miss PattyCake —a wonderful musical creation of Nancy's geared toward young children in which the Word of God was musically sown into the lives of little ones. Again, our little tribe continued to be refreshed and encouraged by a life-flow of blessing and prayer.

Our children now range between the ages of 14 and 6 years old, and their worship interests continue to mature. However, we will forever be grateful to Nancy for the rich Biblical foundation provided to our children throughout the earliest chapters of their life stories. We are excited to see all that God continues to accomplish through the precious ministry He has entrusted to Nancy.

Sisterly Blessings
by Maran Grace

The Bless My Little Girl and I Love You CDs are staples in our household. In a culture that increasingly puts pressure on girls to find their identity in their looks, I love the message from these CDs that God has created them wonderfully and that their identity is rooted in His love.

These CDs are perfect for bedtime, for soothing a fussy child in the car, and during quiet playtime. It's amazing how both my daughters respond to and love this music.

When my oldest daughter met her baby sister for the first time, after many years of praying for her, she leaned down and sang to her the "Rocking Chair Prayer" song. This wasn't instigated by my husband or by me, but something that she intuitively felt fit the situation. I can't imagine a better way to be welcomed into the family than with a song describing how each family member is blessed to have this new little one.

I look forward to continuing to share these sweet songs and messages with my daughters so that they will know they are viewed as God's great gift to our family.

A Mother's Blessing
by Laurie Brennan, mother of 3

Some of my most precious memories with my children, particularly at nap time and bedtime, have included the anointed and inspired music of Nancy Gordon. While rocking them to sleep and even after tucking them in bed my children have listened to the delightful songs for years. I sang "The Blessing Song" over all three of my children as newborns, and still do today. Nancy has put into words and music the cry of a mother's heart; the bless ings and love we desire to pour on our most prized gifts from God.

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